Arts Are For All Ages
Connecting Generations and Communities through Music

Our mission

The mission of ARTS ARE FOR ALL AGES is to use performing art to help bridge the gap between the older, retired community and young people.

We accomplish this by fostering and managing performances by talented young artists for audiences composed of senior citizens in retirement homes, assisted living facilities and adult day care centers in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

What we do
  • Schedule, organize and stage live performances by talented youths in retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and adult day centers
  • Host post-performance question-and-answer sessions
  • Video record/simultaneously broadcast to multiple senior communities (coming soon)
  • Provide transportation to AAFAA events for those performers who need it
  • Provide a professional accompanist for those performers who need one
  • Provide scholarships for qualified AAFAA performers
  • Provide piano tuning for those facilities that demonstrate need (coming soon)--

Our senior citizen audiences

  • Are enthusiastic about our program
  • Are invigorated by wonderful, live music
  • Have the opportunity to interact with talented young people
  • Gain a sense of connection to the real world outside their door
  • Enjoy the question-and-answer sessions after performances

Invariably, someone asks, “Will you come back and play for us again?"

Since the organization's inception, Braddock Glen Adult Day Health Care Center of Fairfax Co., Va., has hosted performances. "I wholeheartedly recommend Arts Are For All Ages to any organization that is looking for quality classical music performances," says Martha Armstrong, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist III and Volunteer Coordinator of the facility. "The students are not only excellent musicians, but they are also very engaging with our older adult participants."

Who hears music feels his solitude peopled at once.

This line from poet Robert Browning explains the inspiration behind Arts Are For All Ages. As the median age of our nation's population increases, so does the need for high-quality, live entertainment for the growing number of people whose daily lives are spent within the confines of senior care facilities. The Arts Are For All Ages program provides a way for eager, young performing artists in our area to connect with those wonderful senior audiences in a very personal way.

What people say
about the AAFAA program

I really appreciate AAFAA for letting us have opportunities to narrow down the gaps between the generations. I always try to do my best in performing at the nursing homes because I know that AAFAA maintains a strong connection with the multicultural retired community, and it makes great efforts to reflect this connection through our performances in a unique way. 

AAFAA helps promote our interest in diverse music and raise social, environmental, and cultural awareness among young musicians. I have personally talked with many senior people to hear about their rich experiences and get valuable advice from them at nursing homes.

-- Jennifer Wang, 2010-11 performer 

The performance was absolutely spectacular! Everyone was so impressed and ... still raving today. Please pass on our deepest gratitude to your virtuoso!
-- Lisa McGary, Activities & Volunteer Coordinator, Sunrise of Fair Oaks, Va.

I love classical music, so I look forward to the students' visits. I've learned a lot about different composers.
-- Cliff C. of Braddock Glen  

The students are so well-trained and polite. It is a joy to hear them play.
-- Ruth M. of Braddock Glen  

I try to plan my attendance on days I know AAFAA is coming.
-- David H. of Braddock Glen  

I love performing at retirement homes. It makes me very happy to make a great difference for these retired people. They always come to me saying that they love my playing and that they want me to come again. This encourages me to play more and increases my commitment. Thank you, AAFAA, for these wonderful opportunities!
-- Fedor Ouspensky,
2008-11 performer 

ARTS ARE FOR ALL AGES: Connecting Generations and Communities through Music
A 501(c)(3) public charity
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Telephone 703-594-1108 Address: AAFAA, P.O. Box 151674, Alexandria, VA 22315

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